Spring Summer or Fall



We would love to be the local landscaping specialists you choose for your professional lawn maintenance needs. We offer Detroit metro lawn care services to both residential and commercial clients. Let us maintain your grounds throughout the growing season. We handle both commercial and residential accounts and offer total lawncare to a large part of Oakland County and parts of the Metro Detroit area.


Flower planting  

Is your lawn at home overgrown with weeds? Have the flower gardens at your place of work grown out of control? We strive to provide the very best Detroit metro lawn care services to all of the clients we work with. We offer a variety of professional lawn maintenance packages that are designed for both residential and commercial customers. If you are interested in hiring one of our local landscaping teams, contact us to talk about your requirements today. Our goal is to help you find the perfect solution to the lawn care problems you have been having. There is no doubt that one of our professional lawn maintenance plans will be ideal for your situation.    


In the Spring it is time for new  growth and the best time for  brilliant flowers! Earthworks Landscape Services will get your lawn,  garden, hedges up and running for the best start to the year. In the Summer they will help the process of maintaining all of that brilliant Spring growth and keep it looking good so you can enjoy your outside spaces when you barbeque and picnic! Even in the Fall, Earthworks Landscaping Services Inc. has your total lawn care under control. Again, Earthworks Landscape Services Inc. will be there to clean up the brilliant Fall leaves, they will plant, seed, mulch, and fertilize to keep your outside spaces looking great and ready for the next Spring and Summer.