The Earthworks Solution


Whether your landscape is in drastic need of a face lift, or you just need some help with the chores, we can provide a solution for you.

We handle both commercial and residential clientele by offering full service landscaping in the Metro Detroit area.




Why should you choose Earth Works Landscape Services Inc.? Besides the fact that Earth Works Landscape Services is incredibly good at what we do, we are also a locally owned business. There are a million reasons to support a local company like Earthworks, we would like to give you three:

1.)   When you support local business you are supporting your local economy. Why would you want to support you local economy? If you think about it, when you hire a local landscaping company - Earth Works Landscape Services Inc. - you are putting buying power into local hands. The employees at Earth Works Landscape Services Inc. will in turn go out and buy homes and pay local taxes and purchase local goods and services. Really you can’t go wrong when you choose a local landscping company like Earth Works, because you end up supporting a local landscaping company.

2.)   Local business owners and employees are far more likely to have similar interests and care for the community that you live in. When it comes to Metro Detroit lawn care, Earth Works Landscaping Services Inc. actually cares about what lawns look like in northwest Metro Detroit because we live here too! We always do a good job because we take pride in Metro Detroit lawn care. Earthworks wants people to live in a beautiful communities that have good-looking lawns and grounds.

3.)   The third reason we’ll give you today to support Earth Works, your local professional lawn maintenance provider: is to ensure competition. When you support local business, you ensure diversity in companies to choose from. Why should big corporations have a corner on your wallet? When corporations are allowed to run small business out, the customer always loses. Besides, Earth Works Landscape Services Inc. is the best when it comes to your professional lawn maintenance. Support your local business in order to support yourself! When you support local business, you keep your local economy strong by adding your suppor for a healthy competition in goods and services.

At Earthworks Landscape Services Inc. we take pride in our work, and our community as a whole.