Why Does it Matter?



Just like you, your home needs regular maintenance too. This is especially true with the lawn, trees, hedges and your garden! Do you cut your own hair or leave that to the professionals?


You like to look clean, sharp, and professional when you go to work, right? You take a shower, brush your hair, brush your teeth, clip your fingernails? You do this in order to be  taken seriously and and to be seen as the best version of yourself. The same goes for your home when you are getting ready to have company, rent or sell your home, or even have it appraised. Earthworks Landscape Services will get your lawn, gardens, and hedges in the best possible professional state, ready for company, rent, sell, and stand up for an appraisal as needed.



 Your time is important to you and so are the looks of your home and landscape.




First impressions are everything and homes are no different. Home buyers are looking for a home that meets their needs but they are also looking for a home that won't have a lot of maintenance expenses in the near future

Let' face it, in today's real estate market homes need all the help they can get. While the adage "Location Location Location" will always be true today, we can add " Curb Appeal, Curb Appeal, Curb Appeal". With over 80% of home buyers starting their home search on-line, you can't afford to have pictures of your home that does'nt make it shine.

Leave your total lawn care to Earthworks Landscape Services Inc. They know what they are doing and they will get your lawn looking sharp.

Earthworks Landscape Services Inc. provides full service landscaping. What does it mean to provide full service landscaping? It means they will mow your lawn, trim your trees and hedges, double cut your grass, and beautifully edge your lawn.

Does your lawn need a little love? Earthworks Landscape Services provides all the lawn care in Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills and other cities in Oakland County and the Metro Detroit area that you will ever need. They provide services in the Spring, Summer and Fall.